Tuition Assistance is not just an employee benefit - it is an investment in the future of your company.

Companies give employees generous funds each year for learning and yet give them no information or direction about how best they should spend that money for their career growth and your company needs.

It doesn't make sense.  The REAL focus of Tuition Assistance Plans (TAP) should be about the learning - not the forms and process.  Simple changes will reduce costs for education, and support your adult learners to create talented employees.

Since 1981, Educational Advisory Services, Inc. (EASi) has been providiing educational planning services to employees of corporations that offer TAP. EASi was the founding company of this service.

Companies that offer EASi employee educational planning solutions significantly reduce their "spend" of TAP dollars - often 35% or more - with our UNIQUE solutions - that support Talent Management.

Employees that use TAP are more engaged, loyal and serve as a pipeline for present and future staffing.

EASi provides central resources to help assure your TAP money is spent wisely, complies with  your policies, assist adult learners to complete their degrees - all which support a sustainable workforce and builds your enterprise. 


Move Your Tuition Assistance From Transactional... To A Strategic HR Solution with EASi