Get Best Use of TAP

Once TAP strategy has been defined, the actual "spend" of TAP needs direction and measured effectiveness.

As college and university tuitons rise 11%-14% each year - so does your TAP.  More employees are using TAP to invest in their career growth and the cost of education is skyrocketing.

So how do you control the costs while most effectively educating your employees?

TAP "caps", or maximum funding is a start to controlling costs - or is it?

Maximum funding can administratively control costs, but is it educating employees at the rate you need talent?  This can be measured and proven if cost effective or not.

TAP caps are not the only way to reduce costs for education.  Employee selection of proper providers is the most effective way to control the "spend" for TAP.

Here are some examples:

  • Employees enroll at state universities which have lower tuition rates, but these schools are often more traditional in their offerings so it takes longer for employees to complete their degrees.  The cost of a course is less, but the cost of the degree is more.
  • Employees don't know about options to gain credit for work/life experiences at schools.  By not using these options, an employee may spend money for courses they already know, and could teach.
  • Employees often don't know that a better Major area of study for career gowth in your company exists at another school nearby.
  • Employees with Military experience can get 1-4/credits of Physical Education credit at most schools for their Boot-Camp experience.  But, they are not aware they own credit for their military training.
  • Employees do not know that they can get a discounted tuition rate for your company.

These are just a few of the many senerios that waste your TAP funds.  EASi's EduPlanner gives employees the information they need to best select educational providers and not miss out on cost-savings ways to earn their degrees - with YOUR TAP funds.

With proper TAP data, this can easily be monitored and measured.