Millions of TAP Wasted Each Year

Tuition Assistance is not an employee benefit - it is a strategic business initiative.

Until companies "get this" the focus of Employee Education departments is on the wrong outcomes - and this can cost companies thousands, to millions of dollars each year.

Presently, most Employee Education departments are assigned to track expenses and varify compliance.  Thus, they are less concerned with value returned to the company, controlling costs for education, aliging with Talent Management strategy, and measuring success.  No one in the company seems to "own" these responsibilities - but someone needs to!

Just offering a tuition plan, without monitoring and measurement, does not guarantee that employees are using it most effectively for your company.  

It has been shown that upwards of 35% of Tuition Assistance Plans costs are wasted each year.  Ask your CFO what was spent company-wide on TAP in the last five years and that is a hefty chunk of change.

The waste comes from:

  • No defined goals for educating employees
  • No measurement for goal success
  • No direction given to employees about choosing proper providers

The focus of Tuition Assistance must be on the ROI for your whole organization, not solely the administration functions. Investments in education should be strategic and measurable to support employee retention, employee performance, diversity promotions and succession planning for the "mighty middle" - all part of growing the talent of your Human Capital.

Educational Planning tools are needed for employees, departments of learning, organizational development and talent management. Using EASi tools have proven a significant cost-reduction for many employers of Fortune 1000 level companies and better results for Employee Education investments.

This is what EASi is all about - providing the solutions to make your Tuition Assistance Program efficiant and cost effective.