Services: EduPlanner & Back2School Webinars

There are thousands of colleges and universities that offer programs accessible to adult students.  They all have their own policies, curriculums and options for adults to gain credit for what they already know.

There is no way any employee knows all their options to make wise provider selection with your company's education funds.

Employees usually pick a school to attend because they ask a friend, see advertisements, or visit a campus.  These are not professional means to spend TAP dollars.

Admissions "Counselors" are sales representatives - and every schools wants as much of your TAP money for their campus as they can get.  Companies spend billions of dollars on college degrees - make no bones about it - higher education is BIG BUSINESS.

To counter-act your employees always being "sold into" degree programs, they need a central resource that gives them all the information they need to be wise consumers of higher education.  They need to make provider selection through information, comparison and anlaysis - and include their Managers in their final selections.  Employees need Educational Planning to make best-use of TAP dollars.

EASi has been providing educational planning for corporate employees since 1981.  We created this service.  

EASi has developed the only employee education planning service that is :

  • Employee self-administered,
  • Web-enabled, 24/7 
  • Offers a Resource Center that explains the higher education system and how to make best use of it. It includes links to relevant topics, explains how to pick the right school, and informs learners about the many options to gain credits without sitting in a classroom.
  • College Search/database that includes extensive information about every college and university that offers programs accessible to adult students
  • Only Regionally Accredited colleges and universities to limit mis-use of funds
  • Only fields of study typically covered by tuition assistance policies
  • Includes over 80 criteria for selection that are relevant to adult students
  • 589 distinct Majors
  • Thousands of colleges and universities
  • All methods to earn college credit for work/life experiences
  • All online degrees
  • All classroom locations
  • Discounted tuition rates
  • MUCH MORE.....

Now, your employees have a tool to make them aware of options and programs they never knew existed and can select the best provider for their career, your company's business needs, and at less cost than random selections.

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION:  Based on size of company/ Very Low Cost



Services:  Back To School/Webinar

Those companies that subscribe to the EduPlanner are eligible to also purchase Back-to-School webinars to inform employees about higher education options and use of the EduPlannner.

These 60 minute workshops are conducted through your webinar platform. They discusses how to pick a school and options to gain credits. Topics include: accreditation, admissions, learning styles, career decisions, options to gain college credit, transfer credit and putting it all together for an efficient education plan.

EASi will manage the enrollments.  Provide slides and information with Q/A session.  Undergraduate and Graduate school workshops. Schedule to your preference.

FLAT FEE:  $60/Per Participant