Services: TAP Policy Review

Our professional staff will review your policy, and from our unique perspective alert you to any potential risks, fine tune the policy to meet your corporate objectives, and make recommendations that will allow you to manage education spending.

We do not change any employee financial allotments.

Additionally, EASi will help you determine the right data to collect so you can analyze, measure and improve the effectiveness of your employee education programs to support Human Capital initiatives.

This information may be linked with you existing LMS system.

Our recommendations will be submitted to you in a Report format within 14 business days from the date of contracted service.

Here are some of the specifics we will address:

  • Customize TAP policy to fit your corporations learning needs.  Policy might need to be tiered, to more strongly support employees earning degrees in fields that are mody needed by your company
  • Make sure you policy includes reimbursement for options that higher education provides that save employees time, and dollars, to complete their degrees
  • Review policy for financial risks.  Make sure policy is stated clearly with no loop-holes
  • Suggest upfront payment or reimbursement of employee educational funds
  • Determine what data needs to be collected to support Talent Management
  • Determine "who" in a company needs this data and how to use it for company-wide Talent Management success


FLAT FEE:  $1,200.00 Per TAP Policy Review & Recommendations Report for Talent Management