Use TAP For Talent Management

Why does your company offer Tuition Assistance?  The answer to this question should define your program.

Most companies answer - "because our competitors offer it, so we have to."  Wrong answer.  This is too simplistic an answer for what TAP can do for your company.

Companies should offer TAP to increase employee performance, maintain a pipeline of talented employees, create employee loyalty, and support all Talent Management initiatives through cost-effective means.

And the only way to make sure all of this is accomplished, is to measure the success.

TAP data is not centered on strategic use for Talent Management - it is merely focused on process, tracking and compliance.  Education increases the pool of applicants to grow with your company.  Yet, very few companies link TAP data to staffing solutions.  So often staffing needs to hire an employee and uses expensive outside services to do so, while pools of TAP educated employees are overlooked or not even utilized.

TAP educated employees cost a lot, but no one tracks their value to your company during and after they complete their degrees.  Where do your graduates go? Often to your competitors and that loss is priceless!  This can be rectified.

Example:  Company needs to hire an MBA/Accountant.  Company has just paid $60,000 to educate an employee with an MBA/Accounting.  Company hires from outside = cost of advertising, head hunters, training period and loss of production.  Now, that wasted educational investments has cost the company about $150,000 when the real solution could be found with the right TAP data collections and dispursements.

Employees of Diversity that use TAP are more promotable and add to a diverse population and corporate success.  Do you know how your company tracks and measures this data - or do they?

EASi will help your HR team:

  • Customize the definition of your TAP
  • Determine Outcomes
  • Determine Appropriate TAP Data  and Dispusement Company-Wide
  • Establish Means to Measure Success